Customer Sales form - Balance Due

Hi all,

I need something clarified from the Customer Sales form. The Balance at Date field is based on the “Balance Due (LCY)” flowfield from the Customer table. The CalcFormula for the field shows the filter is based in part on the Posting Date and the Initial Entry Due Date fields from the Detailed Cust. Ledg. Entry table. both fields are affected by the Date Filter value. This value I assume is set by the trendscape and the AmountType option button value on the form. Does this mean values used in adding the result value must have both dates within the filter? If so, has anybody explained this to an end user, and if so, how?


Hi Matt

I have a customer whith 30 days terms on payments, I sell them $1000.00 today.

In teh customer sales trendscape I set the period to daily, and set it to show Balance at Date.

On 22/12/2006 the sales will be $1000.00 and the Balance Due will be $0.00.

Scroll down until you find 21/01/2007, here the Balance Due is $1000.00 as this is when the Balance is due.

Now I need to understand your question to fully answer it [:D] But maybe the simplicity of the example above helps???

just a tip to understand how flowfields are calculate:

drilldown the flowfield

in the form containing Detailed Cust. Ledg. Entries open the Table Filter (Ctrl+F7) here you can find how the Intial Entry Due Date and Posting Date are filtered. Also all the filter affecting the flowfield

Hope this helps.

I guess what I’m trying to get to is I was surprised to find the Date Filter applied to the Inital Entry Due Date field ,as well as the Posting Date. But if another field didn’t have the filter applied, then the two columns would show the same amount, wouldn’t they? One of our clients has expressed an interest in seeing the Balance Due as seen in the “Balance At Date” option, but Sales as the “Net Change” option, and I’m just trying to get a handle on how difficult that might be. So I can explain it.

Hi Matt

What happens to the Initial Entry Due field once the item is paid, and if you are looking at one screen in a trendscape and the Balance Due is looking at the balance at date then how will you strip out the payments made, assuming that is you look back you want to remove the payments to see the balance at date moving backwards?

I would remove it from a trendscape and show the balance at date as the current figure and have the sales figure based upon a date filter - but that is probably why I am not a developer - they would then tell me how long it would take and how much trouble I have just caused [:D]