Customer Report Selections - Shipment Note

On page 9657 Customer Report Selections I believe you can assign a non default report to a customer card.

There is the option to assign Invoice, Credit Memo , Statement, Quote & Confirmation order .

I am trying to assign a certain customer a modified version of the shipment note report.

We are using Nav 2017 . Is something that would require development?

Try it, i have only used it for custom layout

Hi Daniel,

Yes you can replace i.e. the shipment note report with another shipment note report or just with another layout within the same report.

And it requires no development to do so, except making sure that the new report has the same data item header (Sales Shipment Header).

Hi Erik

I was trying to set up a single customer with there own custom shipment note. We wold like B2B customers to have a different document to the B2C customers.

Using the Customer reports selection page I can see that you have the ability do do this for order confirmations and invoices. Maybe the ability to do the same for shipment notes will be added in a future version.