customer payment to specific invoice

I have some questions. Does axapta support customer payment to specific invoice? For example: one customer made 2 purchase. 1 January= $200 7 January=$500 Total =$700 That customer pays $500. As far as I know, Axapta will tell me that this customer still has $200 balance. Axapta cannot specify which invoice has been paid. My question is can I choose the invoice for the payment? I want to choose the second invoice. Can I do that? The second question is, Can I put some free text in invoice or packing slip? I hope somebody understands my question.

Hi, Regarding #1: You can do it through the Payment journals: in Lines, Functions, Settlement, then choose the invoice he want to pay for. Hope this helps. Regards, Mugur

#2 Yes, you can put free tekst on Quotations, Order Confirmations, Delivery Notes and Invoices (and on Picking Lists too - internal). But you might have to do some settings: Activate document handling to the relevant table/s (eg. Sales Order) Activate document handling on the user Use simple notes on the sales order line - external

Hi, Reg free text, have you tried entering the same in Text field under General tab in lines area? Regards, Harish Mohanbabu