Customer contract management

I was thinking about the possibility of using our Navision installation to remind us and customers about contracts (software licenses and maintenance) that are soon to expire. At first thought, this would require a record for each agreement to be created somewhere along with the customer details, a description of what is in the contract and an expiration date. A report can then run over the table to list contracts that end in the next month or whatever. I’ve looked at the service module but it seems to be a little over complicated for what I need. Has anyone else used Navision for a similar purpose? If so, did you use functionality in standard or just develop a couple of tables and forms to do the job? Many thanks

We are using the service module (Version 3.70) for this purpose (about 800 different Service Contracts), with standard functionality. We do not use the whole integration (no automatic generation from sales invoices), but have some Service Items (e.g. for Software Licenses, Maintenance etc. - about 15 different items), that we use for these Contracts. For us, it works fairly well, and it does not seem to be overly complicated (well is much easier to use than the previous Excell Datasheets). Daniel

Hi Daniel Thanks for replying. What I can’t see though is how to manage the Service Items. It appears that a seperate service item needs to be created for each service contract and then linked to the customer. I’d hoped to be able to create a generic item, e.g. software license, and then link it to the customer via something like the contract form.

Gary, I agree with Daniel that the best solution is to use the service module. I did this once using Jobs (before service module was available), and that also worked fine with a bit of enhancement.

Hi Gary, yes, that is actually what we do. We use generic items, and then link them to a customer via a Service Contract. I will try to give you an example tomorrow, when I’m at work, though.

Hi gary, it should be quite easy, just enter your generic Item into the field “Item No.” in the “Service Contract Line” (so do not use the Field “Service Item No.”. Hope this helps Daniel

Aha, I’d assumed that the service item was the main criteria that needed to be entered on the lines. Thats fantastic, thanks for that, I’ll have a play around from there Thanks again