Customer-Contact import

Hello everyone!

Can you please explain me the relation between the contacts and customers? I imported my customer master data in NAV but if i look at the Sales&Marketing, Customer form i cannot see my customers. However the values are in the customer table. I know that every patner is somehow related to contacts.

I imported the vendors as well, and in case I can see my vendors, when i look at the Purchase menu.

What is with the customers? Can you explain? Thank you!

Hello Otto,

Table 5054 (Contact Business Relation) is used for store the relation between contacts and customers/ vendors/ banks.

Check the data in Customer List & Customer Card forms.

Report 5193, 5194 & 5195 -Create Conts. from Customers

Above mentioned three reports can be used for creating Contacts from Bank, vendor and customer respectively.

Normally you do it “from the other end” - first create Contact, then there are Functions Create as Cust/Vend/Bank in Contact card - that automatically maintain relationship Contact -Cust./Vend.However, you can link Cust/Vend with Contact later, too, using Link with existing function in Contact Card.

PS Are you sure that there really were no Customers? Maybe you hit Contacts by mistake (these are side by side) in S&M? There should not be any reason for Cust. not to show up, if you say Customer table IS populated - maybe some filtering is set on Cust. List?

Hello Dhan,

I’ve checked the customer list, and customer form, no values, empty. I’ve checked, no filter is applied. When I run the customer table i can see the values. When i run the customer form I cant see. I can see the records when i look at the contact form.


Yes i am sure there are no customers. I do the same when importing vendors. And they are in the right place, thats why i wonder.

I always have to create contacts before creating a vendor or a customer? And if i create the contacts first, i have to create cust, or vendor one by one from their contacts?

Yes, that is the general practice.

I see. But that does not expalin why does the process work if i import vendors.

Thanks anyway

Let me clarify the things here:

Generally Contacts are created and from there, those are converted to Vendor, Customer and Bank.

But other way round is also possible, which you have already done, means imported the Vendors/ Customers and from there using the reports I mentioned earlier you can create contacts.

I don’t know why you are not able to see customers in customer card/ customer list form, whereas as you mentioned those are there in customer table(this has something to do with applied filters).