customer bank accounts use

Hi experts,

Customer card - > Customer - > bank Accounts.

I know here i need to create the bank accountsof that customer.

Can i know the how can i use this functionality.

Where these bank accounts come to picture.

Thanks in advance

In some countries it is required that on invoice to Customer his Bank Account is shown, too, not only yours.

In fact, it can easily be left unentered, as it’s Customer’s, not your decission, from which of his bank(s) & account(s) Customer pays you, or sends check, or pays in cash, or whatsoever.

If you were to create an inbound BACS to create a payment journal automatically then the bank file would reference the bank details, and the import would also refernce this to cross reference the customer.

Steven is right, this is one possible usage of Customer’s bank account data - that didn’t come up to my mind, because we use another approach…

As customer may have many Banks/Accounts, and I may be even not aware about some of them, in my country we use company’s unique (VAT) registration N# to identify customer, as our banks always provide this info, too.
Actually bank recognizes clients by this unique N# (or N# for persons) + IBAN account N# - company / person names are subject to be misspelled, but these Nos are easily “checkable” on entry and invalid ones are rejected.