Customer Aging

Hi Everyone,

I need your help. I’m needing to run a Customer Aing report. Here’s he issue.

Today is 8/15/2013.

My customer was sent an invoice on 4/15/2013 of $200.00. They have 30 day terms so the invoice is not due until 5/15/2013.

If I run the Customer Aging wih Criteria “Due date” and the Balance as of Date is 4/1. The report should relect that my customer owes me $200.00 in the Current column. However, when I run his report on 8/15/2013, it reflects the invoice total in the Curent column but also shows it in the Greater than 90 column of 200.00. If I’m running this report as of 4/1/2013, it should not eflect in the Greater than 90 column. Correct?

You are correct, It must work in the way you described.

Note: the report shows the buckets based on the date given in the “Start date” field. So, specify the date in the start date.