Customer Address

Hi Few customers’ addresses are too long. Name Line 1 & Line 2 not sufficient to cater for it… Is there any workaround or other functions I am unaware of ??? Please help… txs

This has been a pain in the butt for a long time. So as a possible work around, create a new field for each of these and make them as long as you want (but less than 251 - Attain 3.60). With this solution, you will have to change all areas of the application that looks for the original (too short) equivalent field. ie: Customer Card (form) But this is better than chaging the field length of the original (too short) field (if you upgrade in the future, that data of long length, will cause all sorts of havoc). Hope this helps

Are you using all address fields: Name Name 2 Address Address 2 City County (State in the US) Post Code (Zip in the US)

Hi yes… using all the fields…guess no choice but to try out CMDunbar’s suggestions… cheers and txs

Good luck - Remember to change it on ALL tables, reports etc. where the name / address are used in fields and variables…

Whatever happened to the Developer Workbench? This is / was a great tool for helping solve all such problems. Alternatively find a developer who has done this job before.

Hi Jonathan, the Developer Workbench (impuls Workbench) was renamed to Attain Developers Toolkit (=ADT) in versions 1.01 and 1.02 in the year 2002. in year 2003 it was rename to Navision Developers Toolkit (=NDT) in versions 1.03 and 1.04. you can find it on the Tools-CD or in Partnergiude/PartnerSource. i’ll think that there will be soon a new version (may be 2.00) for the new Navision Version 4.00, but there is no official statment. i use this great tool almost every day. br Josef Metz

Henrik, Sorry for a dumb question, but for a non-US mailing address, is the equivalent of the state not used? I am perplexed at how to enter non-US vendors in our vendor master, and keep the data clean enough so it can be queried and used to report on. I’m sure our post office would be confused to see CH instead of Switzerland. thanks Gary Name Name 2 Address Address 2 City County (State in the US) Post Code (Zip in the US)

Gary, to put in my 5 cents of knowing some european countries… Usually every country has some kind of “distribution” of their political system into the US-State equivalent, e.g. in Switzerland they are called “Kanton”, in Spain “Provincia”, in Germany “Bundesland”, in Colombia "Departamento, etc. The fact is, that in most countries this county/state code is not that important than in the US, so simply using the correct Post Code will be sufficient to make your mail get to the correct address. Therefore I would rather leave this field blank for non-US customer/vendors, always if you do not absolutely need this information. Saludos Nils

Exactly, most European Post Offices don’t really care about the County/State. The Name, Address, City and Post Code will be enough for correct mail delivery.

Thanks for the help guys. Its amazing how many different ways European addresses were entered into our system. thanks Gary