Customer account statement report

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when i am generating the "Customer Account statement " report, for some of the customer it will generate the report on the screen and for some it is converting to the PDF and saving to the temp folder. Can you please suggest me why it is happening for some customers only.

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Check the print management (General action tab → Set up → Print management) for customer where the pdf file is generated. default print is set to .pdf file under print management for specific customers, where the account statement is generating the .pdf file.

If you print a document to the screen, you can view up to five reports, each in a separate report window. For example, if you print customer statements to the screen, statements for only the first five customers are displayed. Additional reports are saved as PDF files in the location that is specified in the Directory field in the File store area of the System parametersform. (Click System administration > Setup > System parameters.)

As per the following link: