Customer Account Statement (external) Report performance issue

Hi Experts ,

the Issue i m facing is taking more time for generating report due to deleting records in table …

I m here using standard class – CustAccountStatementExtDP and standard table --CustAccountStatementExtTmp.

table type is Regular ,.

The process i m will doing here is — AP->Reports->external → Report name — Customer account Statement .

when i open the report form to generating report it will insert records in TempTable and need to Delete all records in TempTable … For this scenario it will taking more time for inserting and deleting … Can any one suggest me how to resolve this issue and get time reduce for generating report

You should understand that it’s not a real temporary table - it’s used for temporary data, but it’s a normal, persistent table. It’s used to prepare data before actually calling SSRS.

Now please explain your particular problem. “It will taking more time for inserting and deleting” isn’t sufficient.

First of all, check if you don’t have a huge amount of records in this table, slowing things down. In theory, there should be data just for currently running reports and nothing else.

If that’s all right, measure what’s slow.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for ur valuable reply … The main issue is it will take more time for deleting records in table so reports getting slow to generate …

As the question is the same, the answer is the same too. Please see my previous reply and act on it.