Custom Web Service in AX 2012


I have created new two tables and one form by using this two tables in AX 2012.Now I want to create “Custom Service” with “Create”,“Read”,“Find” Operations and also add validation on that custom service.(eg Create SalesOrder by using SalesSalesOrderService.create)

Please Help me to create a CustomService with create Operation.

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Hello Darshana,

Once go through the below link.



Hi Darshana,

It is more or less straight forward to create custom services in AX 2012. This should help you get going -


I want to create a Custom Service but both link are related to document service.

Please help me …



Hi Darshana,

My bad. Here are some links for your reference -

Hello Harish,

Thanks for giving me the link.

but i have create a custom service and fetch data from ax 2012 and now i want to insert data in ax 2012 using custom service.

i don’t have any idea about create or insert operation in ax 2012



When implementing a custom service operation, you’re writing (almost) normal X++ code. The “create” operation will be simply a method that fills some fields and calls insert() method on the table buffer.

HI Martin,

Please reply to me.

Can I use custom services to insert data in to table.( Is it possible?)

(I know document services are only recommeded for such operations and not custom services)


The answer to your question is already just above your question.

Operations of custom services are class methods written in X++. If you know how to insert data in an X++ class method, you know how to insert data in custom services.

Thank you Martin for your wonderfull replies in this forum.