Custom Table and Access from AX front end

Hi - I know the custom table exist in AOT. However, not sure where to navigate that table from the front end AX application. Any suggestions please.

What are you to achieve? What’s your version of AX?
It’s possible to open any table in table browser, but if you want to give end users access to table, you must give them a form. If it’s your custom table, it’s up to you to create a form for it or add it to an existing form.

AX 2012 R3.

You have put the words correctly for me - I am trying to identify existing form the custom table is linked to. So can access the table going through the form from the front end AX.

If you want to identify where an element is used, it’s work for cross-references. Note that you must generate them before you can query them.

Use the “CrossReference” functionality to find out where this have been used so far but make sure you should do it before you can query them.