Custom menu by User Groups

hi all,

we are on a 4 sp3 installation, SQL Server 2005 DB. we’re hardly looking for a way of implementing custom user menu , or custom user menu bar managed on a user group basis.

by now we only had answers to our try saying that the only way of customizing menu is on a user basis, but we’re using windows authentication and we would prefer not to include all the users (hundreds of them) but only few groups (Windows AD Groups) containing them. programmers say it’s impossible …

is there a way of managing it in our version of dynamics nav ?

many thanks in advance, any help appreciated


I would have been happy if I could give you the answer, as I’m looking for the same solution. But last time I was asking this question, then I was told the same message as you! [:(]

So I’m also looking forward to hear any clever persons here have the answer!

How about just going back to the 3.70 menues?

I can only suggest such solution: assign menu items to one user and then use simple report (which should be created) to copy menu assignement to all users from same group.

And you can use another report to analyse user menu assignement

Well it’s a suggestion, but talking for my self, then I don’t really think it’s a good solution. A work around - but not a good solution… [:(]