Custom forms


I have a requirement to create a form which is driven by itemid Field and all the values of the form should be based on the itemid values. The other values that I want to add in the form are in the below screenshot.test1.png

I want to add itemgroup, Inventory unit, purchase unit, and sales unit.

I tried adding the tables that are related to these fields in the data source but I cant meet the requirement.

Can you please advise on this.

Any help would be deeply appreciated.



What is the purpose of creating this form? Just to display the data related to item?

What data sources you used in the form?

Yes, I want to display the data related to those items.

I have inventtable as data source for item id and unit of measures for all the other related fields.

UOM’s you can get them from InventTableModule table.

But I want to add three separate fields and I want to display all the values in that field based on the item id.

Is this possible?

Can you suggest me some solutions or an example, please?

Add 3 data sources for InventTableModule and for each data source apply range on Module Type field.

Can you give an example?

Look at EcoResProductDetailsExtended form and see for the data sources with names Purch, Sales and Invent.