Cusotmer Aging Report

Dear All

I want to configure Cutomer & Vendor againg report, below are the example

YEAR 2011

Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4

Year 2012

Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4

Now i want to print the aging report as of Q2 for the 2012 like the below requirment…

Q3(2011)July-Sep , Q4(2011) Oct-Dec, Q1(2012)Jan-Mar, Q2(2012)April-June…Backword

Any one knows for the same, so please share the knowledge.

Warm Regards

Hi MS,

I believe you can achieve this by setting up aging buckets/periods in the AR module.

I am not sure how many periods you need to include in your aging report but if I am not wrong the max. number of aging buckets that can be included in Standard AX is six.

Hope it helps.


Thanks, Can you please give me the step or Aging Bucket scrren shot, I need 4 Quater show at one time.