Cursor is not coming to First field of the Grid while creating the new line...

Hello Friends,

The Cursor is not coming to first field of the Grid while i am creating the new line in the form.

I want to go to click the field after that only i am able to edit the field

but in standard, the cursor is coming to the first field while creating a new line in the form.

Please anyone give the solution for this issue…

Give Some solutions friends…

Thanks in advance…


I think may be you should have changed in the property sheet…do check in the properties…of the corresponding forms and their fields…


For any field under the datasource node if you go to the property sheet, you will find a property “Skip”. Please check that this property is not set to Yes for the first field in your form. If it is set to Yes then whenever you open the form or create a new record then the focus will not be in the first field of the form and that field will be skipped. For ex. in the CustTable form the Customer account is the first field in which the cursor is placed whenever the form is opened or when a new record is created. If you go to

\Forms\CustTable\Data Sources\CustTable\Fields\AccountNum

and enter the value Yes in the “Skip” property then whenever you open the form or create a new record then the cursor will be placed in the second field Address book type.

Hi Shankar,

Thanks for your valuable reply.

It is working fine. if i set the property of the first field in the datasource “skip = yes” , the cursor go to the second field while am creating the new line.

But in my form cursor is not coming in any field while creating the new line.

Give some more ideas to me…


Hi Shankar,

I got a clear solution for my issue from one of my colleague.

I have written active method inside the form datasource.

public int active()


int ret;

ret = super();

FormControlName.setFocus(); // CustTable_AccountNum.setFocus();


It is Working fine. Thanks…

Hello Arun,

This will surely work, but the thing is why is this happening in your form because in a standard AX form things like this doesn’t happen. You should also try to find the reason that why is this issue coming with your form and resolve the issue. This is a just a workaround for your issue.