CurrReport.CREATETOTALS does not showing zero after decimal

Hi All,

i am using “CurrReport.CREATETOTALS” to calculate sum of variable “tot” so i write following code on :-

RoundLoop - OnPreDataItem():- CurrReport.CREATETOTALS(tot);

But this is not showing zero after decimal point for e.g.:-

6320.00 + 1106.40 = 7426.40 but report showing 7426.4 instead of 7426.40

Pls tell me where i am doing wrong i will be very thankfull to you.


Check decimal places or try to stretch it more.

i already stretch it and decimal places from 2:2 to 5:5 but problem not solved.


Thanx Joe,

i know how to use round function, but i don’t know how to use it with CurrReport.CREATETOTALS function can you help me how to use it.


can you show us the your code what you have written.

My Code:-

RoundLoop, Body (4) - OnPreSection()
tot:= SalesLine.“Minimum Order Qty.”*SalesLine.“Unit Price”;

RoundLoop - OnPreDataItem()

Then i added tot variable in the section designer of RoundLoop Footer.

I did the same in classic and the result is 92.70 in the report.

Quantity =9

Unit Price= 10.30

Is it related to RTC ?

Dear Manish,

R you using CurrReport.CREATETOTALS() function to calculate sum of variable.

And i m using it in MS Navision 4.0 SP3.


i haven’t tried this yet myself, but i know you cannot put in createtotals. so, hope this will give an expected result:

tot:= round(SalesLine.“Minimum Order Qty.”*SalesLine.“Unit Price”,0.01,’=’);


Thanx Joe,

i tried it tot:= round(SalesLine.“Minimum Order Qty.”*SalesLine.“Unit Price”,0.01,’=’); but problem is same.

so, it indicates that you need to check to your Currency setup. Open Currency Card, go to Rounding tab. review it …

hope it helps.