Currency Triangulation


Can someone please tell me, does the AX 2012 currency triangulation have to go through the Euro?

I can see that there’s a checkbox on the Currencies screen for “reference currency for trangulation”. However, it seems that I can’t change this from the Euro. Does anyone know, is it possible to change this from the Euro?

Thank you

uncheck the “Reference currency for trangulation” for EUR and select this option for other currency.

When i do that i get an error message saying “Denomination currencies exist. You cannot clear this checkbox”.

So when i go to clear the denomination currencies i get “Currency GBP is the accounting currency for ledger ceeu. The currency cannot be removed as a denomination currency.”

So whichever way i try im blocked. Any ideas?

GBP is defined as the accounting currency for the ceeu company, you need to change this from ceeu → General Ledger → setup → Ledger → accounting currency and the reporting currency(if this is GBP). These fields will only be available for editing when there exist no ledger transactions in that company.

Hi jkax

delete all rows of Denomination currency General ledger > Setup > Currency > Denomination currencies


Ahmed Farag

Can someone confirm that is okay to just delete records from the denomination currency table? Our fresh install almost a year ago had three records in this table (CurrencyEuroDenomination). They are still in there, and we are trying to clean up all of our error messages from the database consistency check. Every currency record other than the Euro is throwing the “Denomination currencies exist. You cannot clear this checkbox” error message. I was able to delete the records in a test environment, but I don’t if there are other ramifications for doing that, or if there are other tables that this one is joined to.

Any insight would be appreciated!

Hi All

i am getting the same error “Denomination currencies exist. You cannot clear this checkbox.” when i run the “Consistency Check”. Can anyone tell me why this error messages is coming.

I tried what Ahmed Suggested on the test, and its works, no error.

Please suggest me on this.

thanks in advance.

Any Comments experts

Dear All,

Hope below explanation will help you to understand triangular currency use in AX 2012.

A currency that can be used to convert between two other currencies for which there is no direct exchange rate table available.

The triangulation currency must have available exchange rates with both of the currencies to be converted.

The first currency can be converted into the common (triangulation) currency, and then the common currency can be converted into the second currency

Hi ,

I tried what Ahmed Farag relied and it works.

Delete all rows of Denomination currency → General ledger >> Setup >>Currency >> Denomination currencies .