Currency Symbol not shown on report


I am doing the customization of Purchase Order through Object Designer. I need to show up the currency code use for purchases which is also defined under the Vendor Card. I used CurrExchRate.“Currency Code” for the source but it doen’t show up.

Please help…


can’t get what you want…

in purchase order, you will get default currency from vendor…and you can change it manually if you wish…

what is the customization you are doing…and what exactly you need in PO

i am modifying the Purchase Order report based on the pre-printed format of my client. I need to show up the currency symbol when I print Purchase Order report. I click Object Designer then from Report, I modify Purchase Order and view sections. How do i go about it? It doesnt show up

Currency Code field is available both in purchase header and line table…so in report sections you have to decide where to keep this info…in header or roundloop body …you can add one text box referencing to currency code field of the table.


Have you coded to get the record for the CurrExchRate variable.

Hi Yeah, got it already. I insert new text box.
Get source from Purchase Line then currency code.