Currency Exchange

Hi All

there is a big problem happens, Actually in the Exchange rates form, exchange rate i define 100 and in the parameter “Express Exchange rate is 1” due to that the system 100 currency for 1 currency it had take. Showing the 100 times(amount settled) when we make the vendor payments.

Can anyone explain me how can i resolve this issue.

please advise its a very critical situation


Could you post a screen shot of the field and explain the issue again I do not understand what you are saying. Are you saying the exchange rate on purchase invoices is incorrect, but you have not yet posted payments?

actuaaly i reconciling the vendors and while this i fing the very unusual thing, i select th evendor click on transaction, following screem comes:

at the mark transaction i go in history following screen comes:

i if i go in open button following screen comes:

here u can see the transaction amount is 5550 which comes 100 times in rest of the window transaction. After checking all the things whn i move to Exchange rate form i found the defination “1 (Currency) for 100 (Currency)”

please advise me i am in a very critical situation.


You need to post a screen shot of the currency exchange rate as requested.

Also press the balance button and then open transactions and post the payment tab that shows the amount, amount currency and exchange rate. You should also look at the general tab for the last exchange rate adjustment.

The invoice will hold the exchange rate at the time of processing but I still do not know what your issue is. If the exchange rate is wrong on teh invoice or the open transaction it does not matter - change the exchange rate and when you run teh payment proposal it will be correct.

Hi Imran,

I will suggest you to reverse the payment which you made to vendor, enter the correct exchange rate and then make the payment again to the vendor.

Double check the exchange rate defined as in the form itself system gives information about the exchange rate conversion.


It is an open invoice, so no payment reversal is required. They simply need to alter the base exchange rate and pay it or revalue it.

payments to the vendor are made not full but to the some of the PO invoices…

Then reverse the payment and re-process it or make a finanical currency adjustment to teh ledger and bank. You will need to review every invoice/transaction and exchange rate.

i encountered the same issue. it happened because during the data entry the express exchange rate was 100 which was later on changed to 1. We settled all the open invoices and then create new one.

thanks for reply Adam and Heylin

i think for the primary currency it should be 1 in “Express exchange rate” and 1 on the exchange rates form. Mean the value should be same.