Currency exchange Rate with Sale Line Unit price decimal issue

Hi All,

I done currency exchange setup then create Sales order with unit price 17,497.79 then i am getting some decimal related issue. but if i enter sale line unit price 17,497.00 without decimal then working fine.

could you please help me? thanks advance?
please find the attached screen shot error.’

Hi @bala_Gopu,

As I understand, this sales order has been created using a currency… check this currency, specially “rounding precission” and “decimal places” fields.

This is an example of USD currency card in a BC Cronus company:

Hi thanks Pjllaneras,
i used the same setup but same error.

Hi @bala_Gopu, here, in Spain, we do not use Sales Vat Tax/Tax Group, we use VAT Posting Setup, I have never seen this error.

There is a repoted error like this in NAV 2009R2 and NAV 2009 SP1, fixed by a Hotfix: “The sales tax amount for the [Code1] Tax Area Code and the [Code2] Tax Group Code is incorrect” error message when you try to post a sales order by using the “Ship and Invoice” option in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 - Microsoft Support

But by your screenshots, you don’t seem to use those versions.

thanks for response, yes i am working BC14 database, i referred the fix but hot help in BC14