Currency exchange rate adjustment

Hi, In Navision what is the ideal way to handle the following problem. Lets say that i work in a multi currency environment. I have a Vendor from whom i buy goods and he invoices me in USD. I also pay him in USD. Now lets take an example of Invoice no. 1001 where the Invoice amount is USD 1000. When i book the Invoice the exchange-rate is 1 USD = 45.00 INR. After the credit peroid i have to pay the Invoice after 30 days. At the time of paying i make 2 payments thru bank advices of USD 500 each. Though both the payment has been made on the same day the rate offerred to me by the bank is different. Lets say the first advice offers me a rate of 44.50 and the second advice offers me a rate of 44.45. How do i apply these payments to the Invoice? How do i calculate Foreign exchange Loss/Gain as per law? I understand that the “Adjust Exchange rate” batch job allows me only one rate per Currency for a particular day. It also may not consider a scenario where i make payment to different Customers/Vendors of the same currency with different rates on the same day. I appreciate any suggestions. Regards, Nitin

Hi Nitin, I guess what you are talking about is Receiving or making payments with different rate for same bank on same date, in that case while doing receipt or payment you can still override the system suggested EXCHANGE RATE(coming from Currenecy Exchnage rate table), by clicking SHIFT+F2(assist button) in Currency field. Adjust Currency Batch Job is meant for adjusting the OPEN invoices i.e. posting the unrealised gain or loss. Hope this helps.