Currency Change

I am using NAV 4.0 and have this issue:

My base currency is USD. I had raised an Invoice on an international customer in USD. This customer went ahead and paid me the full and final payment in one go, but in EURO. And both these entries have already been posted in NAV. How do I now apply the money received against the Invoice, since both the currencies are different?

Thanks… Sharad


Assuming you have an account with an blank (no currency code assigned as a default which is the same as blank), all you need to do is post a journal to create the invoices to be in the same currency as the receipt - or post the receipt in Euros and then post a journal to create the receipt in USDs. Once the transactions are in the same currency you can apply.

Hope this helps.



Open Customer Card >> Press Ctrl+F5.

Select the ledger entry of Invoice done is base currency Click >> Functions >> Apply Entries

3051.Functions Apply Entry.JPG

Application Entry form will open, now select the payment done in EURO and click >> Set Applies-to ID or press F9 >> Post Application.

1754.Set apply id and Post.JPG

Hope this will do.


On Sales & receivables Setup there is one setup

Appln between Currencies .If this is set to All then you can apply any currencies payment against different currencies .

NAV will take care of this while posting gain and loss based on exchange rates defined.

Thanks… we are validating the same.