curious error in round

Attain 360 Standard database with hotfix create a new sales order any customer in lines repeat 5 or more times the same line any item quantity= 1 Unit price= 791,38 line discount= 15% ship the order visualize the field Amount Including VAT surprise the third line is 780,29 the others 780,30 if you insert more lines the error repeat every 4 lines. some idea?? Thanks. Vísperas. =========

The vat is calculated now on an invoice basis, but when applied to the lines they’re adjusting the lines for that total VAT. Regards,

i dont see.

Hi Alfonso is saying the VAT for the overal linvoice is correct, as this figure cannot be divided by the number of lines entered equally there is a rounding inaccuracy on the line, but as the overall invoice is correct this does not matter. No idea what happens if you part ship the order with the slightly rounded down figures though! [:D].

ok now i see the problem, thanks Vísperas. =========