CueGroup on Document Page, NAV2013

Hello there!
Can anybody help me with CueGroup problem i have on Document Page in NAV 2013.
I created a new document page and i wanted to show some data in Cues.I added CueGroup and i could see them on Document Page.Blue nice cues,drilldown worked fine,i could open new page and could see some entries.But,the number in Cues didnt change.It showed Zero always.pastedimage1566551012170v1.png

The same solution works perfect in NAV 2018.
Is there a way to do the same in NAV 2013?


In older ersions of Dynamics NAV you could only do FLOWFIELDS in Cuegroups AND it had to be Integer-fields, so if your field contains code,then that code is not executed.

I seeā€¦and i had normal,decimal field.Thank you a lot Palle :slight_smile: