csv import to NAV - avoiding duplicate records and amending dataports

Help please!

I am a newbie who is trying to amend records on a table in NAV via csv import through an existing dataport. I have found that the records I am amending are showing as new records on the table after import, and assume that I will need to change the AutoReplace property from No (current setting) to Yes. When doing this I find that I cannot save the dataport as I receive an error message telling me I do not have the correct permission. Please can someone confirm:

  1. Is my assumption about the AutoReplace property correct?

  2. Do I need to have a ‘Developers Licence’ present on the server to permit me to make the change to the dataport?



I think you need to get in touch with your NAV partner.

You can lookup the AutoReplace property in the C/SIDE Help Menu, but essentially it replaces the record with the same primary key with what you are importing.

As for licensing it depends: what dataport are you modifying?

Again, talk to your NAV partner. You can also read up on dataport in the Application Designer’s Guide which ships with the product (you can find it on the install CD or download it)

if you have dataport

you can design existing dataport and then save as new dataport

ID must be > 50000

Thanks all for helping.

It confirms my assumption re the property, but I can’t ‘save’ or ‘save as’ ther amended dataport. I am becoming convinced it is a permissions issue to do with my status under licence.