Am designing a crystal report with three tables using an inner join but in the details section the data keep repeating each other how can I solve this in my crystal report am using navision 2015

Hi Paulo,

With the number of information that you have provided us, how did you imagine that anyone would be able to help you? Nothing about the tables, the fields or how your code or report is designed. I’m not a Crystal Reports user my self, so I cannot help you more with this exact issue.

thanks for the reply this is my query with a inner join,when i join the first two table settlement and settlement line I get the correct number of items delivered but when i add the last table settlement add_ded i get the rows repeating to each other…this is my sql query with a join:

SELECT “mydb__Posted_Settlement”.“Settlement No_”, “mydb__Posted_Settlement”.“Vendor No_”,
“mydb__Posted_Settlement”.“Due Date”, “mydb__Posted_Settlement”.“Settlement Date”,
“mydb__Posted_Settlement”.“Name”, “mydb__Posted_Settlement”.“City”,
“mydb__Posted_Settlement_Line”.“Item No_”, “mydb__Posted_Settlement_Line”.“Description”,
“mydb__Posted_Settlement_Line”.“Meat Percent”, “mydb__Posted_Settlement_Line”.“Settlement Weight”, “mydb__Posted_Settlement_Line”.“Classification Code”, “mydb__Posted_Settlement_Line”.“Amount”,
“mydb__Posted_Settlement_Line”.“Quantity”, “mydb__Posted_Settlement_Line”.“Settlement Rate”,
“mydb__Posted_Settlement_Line”.“Vendor Tag”, “mydb__Posted_Settlement_Add__Ded_”.“Code”, “mydb__Posted_Settlement_Add__Ded_”.“Description”, “mydb__Posted_Settlement_Add__Ded_”.“Amount”
FROM (“FCL-DBS-01”.“dbo”.“mydb_$Posted Settlement” “mydb__Posted_Settlement”
left outer join “FCL-DBS-01”.“dbo”.“mydb_$Posted Settlement Line” “mydb__Posted_Settlement_Line”
ON “mydb__Posted_Settlement”.“Settlement No_”=“mydb__Posted_Settlement_Line”.“Settlement No_”)
left outer join “FCL-DBS-01”.“dbo”.“mydb_$Posted Settlement Add__Ded_” “mydb__Posted_Settlement_Add__Ded_” ON
“mydb__Posted_Settlement”.“Settlement No_”=“mydb__Posted_Settlement_Add__Ded_”.“Settlement No_”
ORDER BY “mydb__Posted_Settlement”.“Settlement No_”