Crystal Reports Used With Navision

The Report made with Crystal Reports, How we can use with with navision. Would these reports appear in the Object Designer->Reports Section? How would you connect the Crystal Reports with any form on Navision . Just I want this information about using crystal reports with navision.

Thank you

the way we use it and it’s pretty easy is on your form create a button and use Hyperlink to the report you want Hyperlink c:\crystal reports\myreport.rpt for example

another way we use them is like this (4 pages)

Nice solution Harry, thanks for sharing it.

Thankyou Guys


how do the report get’s it’s data? Over N/ODBC? How is the performance?

Do you use Navision Server or SQL Server?


In the case of Crystal Reports, I think we must use SQL Server. I am using SQL Server. And i prefer to use SQL server because well i am familiar with SQL Server.

Savatage what are your experiences?

I connect Cystal using n/odbc using Native server. I have no problems with performance. Some say it’s slower that Nav reports but if it is then it’s so tiny I don’t notice the difference.

We’re big on creating custom reports here so with crystal we have the capability to create 1000’s if we wanted. not limited by our license. you can sort by anything, columns graphs whaterver you want and the data created can be exported into numerour formats

right to excel or word or pdf or xml or html or csv, you get the idea.

Very interesting. Thanks Savatage.

I have an other question: Has anybody expriences with Crystal (or N/ODBC) and German Umlauts?

I stopped using Crystal Reports due to keep hitting a brick wall when needing to “look ahead” to see if I wanted to skip the record. Has than been resolved?

As I recall, I could not test to see if a condition existed within the table or dataset (as you can using Navision reports).

can you give an example of what you couldn’t do?

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