Crystal Reports and Navision

I have just started using CR 8.5 with Attain 3, which we have been running for several years now. We can see all the Navision tables when we create a DSN to the SQL server, however we were wondering how the access to the tables works. We have 3 users, SUPER, NORMAL and MINIMUM. When SUPER is using CR, he can see all the tables for all the companies. However when using NORMAL and MINIMUM user via CR, they both see the same amount of tables, and within Navision they see wildly different amounts of tables. Where does CR pick up the rights? Thanks in advance Zed

Firstly it depends on how CR is accessing Navision, ODBC through the Native database, or SQL ODBC direct to the database. In any case, from ODBC to Native (C/Side), you should see all tables if you have the following permision Object Type Object ID Execute Permission Table 0 Yes This allows you to run the table, but not to view the contents. So when creating your reports, you see everything, but when you try to actually runt he report, you will find that you don’t have permission unless set. Hope this helps.