Cronus Webshop System Configurations

Hello to all, we have lots of problems with the Cronus Webshop, so can you post your configurations of dispatchers, webservers, sql-servers, etc… thanks…

Have you followed the installation procedure? Are you installing on WinNT4, SQL7…?

yes, all but we have an SQL-Server 2000. Does anyone have installed an Webshop with SQL-Server 2000 ? We have an error in order.asp, Line 84 LineItem.NF … We have: Webserver: NT4.0 / Site Server 3.0 + SS3 Commerce Edition SP2 / MSMQ Independent Client / IIS 4.0 / Option Pack 4 / the Webshop-ASP’s Dispatcher: NT4.0 / Navision Client 2.60a / OptionPack 4 / MSMQ Independent / Webshop-Dispatcher SQL-Server: Windows 2000 / SQL-Server 2000 / PDC / MSMQ-Server (PEC) / Picture+Mirror-Receiver from Webshop-demo-CD

Hi Claus! Did you solved the Web Shop installation problems? Greetz Roland