Critical items using master planning

Hi all,
How can we run master planning according to specific items that are critical based on several factors? Ex: Due in production at a certain date so i need to make sure that my delai will be taken into account.

Hi, taty!

Do you mean you want to run Master Plan for specific Items only?

Are you using legacy Master Planning or Planning Optimization in D365FO?


I am using planning optimization.

  1. However, i would like to have a way to filter on specific item that are critical for us ( for purchase or for production).

  2. After running master planning; Where can I find an OOB function to directly find the parts that delay the sales order?

  3. Do we have a function or report that give us list of parts that are delaying production orders?


Hi, taty!

You can find explanation of options to filter Master plan runs here:

[Apply filters to a plan - Training | Microsoft Learn]

Personally, I would not set any filters when running Master planning. Using Planning optimization performance/runtime duration should be at good level by default without any filters. It would also make sure the results are considering all possible interdependencies with other Items.

Then, focusing on specific Items after planning results are available is another topic… You can start from looking at Delay messages if that helps you:

thanks. i’ll try your suggestion

To run master planning in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management based on specific items that are critical, you can use several features and settings available in the system.

Firstly, you can define specific items as critical items by setting their priority level as high. This can be done in the Item Master data, where you can assign priority levels to items based on several factors, including production due dates, lead times, and delivery dates. This will ensure that these items are given priority in the master planning process.

You can also configure the master planning parameters to take into account specific factors when calculating the plan. For example, you can set the planning time fence to include the production due date, ensuring that the plan takes into account any delays or lead times associated with critical items.

In addition, you can use the Demand Forecasting feature in Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management to create forecasts for critical items. This will enable you to better plan and allocate resources to ensure that critical items are produced and delivered on time.

Another feature that can be useful for managing critical items is the Production Scheduling feature, which allows you to schedule production orders based on specific factors such as priority, availability of resources, and delivery dates.

Overall, by leveraging the various features and settings available in Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management, you can ensure that master planning takes into account specific items that are critical based on several factors, including production due dates, lead times, and delivery dates.

That is in a summary what Master Planning does (if you consider all items critical because all items in the BOM/Formula are needed to finish the product). There is a lot to the configuration, but if you have delays these are reflected, you will get delay messages and can react to them.