Credit wrong purcahse

Hi. I have the following scenario: - The cost price of an item is 13.00 and the sales price is 17.50 - An purchase is made with a wrong cost price → 17.70 - After a number of sales, the error is discoverd. - A credit memo with the right price from the vendor is recieved. - All other purchases is made with 13.00, and all sales is made with 17.50. The main concren here is to get the average cost back on track so that the profit calculations will be correct again. - What is the correct way to achive this? - How should the credit memo be posted? The original purchase is “empty” (remaining quantity=0), accoring to FIFO. - My customer has tried to post a purcahse credit memo, with the orignal wrong cost price (and quantity), and on the same memo the correct quantity and cost price. When “adjust cost - item entries” is run, the profit calc is about 2%, it should be about 25% The customer is running Navision Financials 2.60F I will be happy to supply more information if needed. Any toughts will be greatly appreciated. Best regards Thomas Jensen Norway.