Credit Note in Account Payable

I did creditnote for invoice ,now purchase order has status openorder, lines with negative quantity .from here how to proceed ?

1)here when i need to post credit note,how can i know the credit note number.

You can create a credit note separately by creating a new purchase order and selecting the from the available invoices (or) you create a credit note to the already invoiced PO with out creating a new PO - The credit lines will override the invoiced PO and status will be changed to Open Order.

I will suggest to create a new purchase order- without disturbing the invoiced PO.

The number which you enter in the invoice of the PO - will be the Credit Note Number. or you can take internal invoice number as Credit note number.

here i have one confusion,so i need to post two P.O’s to complete actual PO,one with negative quantity and other with original quantity. yes is it correct.

You can go with any one of the option.

Creating a new PO for credit note (or) using the same PO for creating Credit note.


favour me in this

i reeceived 100 items from vendor and in that 10 are in damaged condition.This is the fault of transporter so i need to collect 10 item amount from the trans…how do i map this


You can do one thing. You invoice PO with 100 qty than make the adjustment of 10 Qty using profit/loss journal.

After this, you can raise an invoice to the transporter for the loss suffered.