credit note and sales return order differences between

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what is the Difference between credit note and sales return order process in ax 2012 can explain any one …

returns involve stock, a credit note can be issued at the end once the stock is processed, or, I think, you can raise a credit note through the free text invoice.

One is basically a financial representation whilst the other is an entire process.

Not really an AX description, just a general one.

Well the objective of both the process is to bring back the inventory and credit the customer. However, depending on business case, it should be used.

When the item has to go through process like arrival and inspection, you can use return order. Generally RMA is created and informed to customer. When the goods are received, RMA is scanned for processing. Like Adam said, Return order is a detailed approach.

Whereas credit note can be created for reversal of SO. You can copy the line which needs to be reversed and in this process, system marks the SO line which is being reversed which takes good care of item cost (Since inventory is getting in, the item cost price is significant).


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Yes . As per the requirement our friends told you the difference clearly . Credit note or Sales return is used to return the goods.But the financial impact is also effected when we do the credit note.Generally if we return the goods it doesn’t impact on financial entries but if we do the credit note for the returning the products either for purchase or sale then the values also get reversed and it will nullify/reversal the previous postings.

Of course for the return order must and should you have to mention the RMA number.

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