Credit memo issue to customer

Hi Experts,

I am trying to learn Navision. I got noticed about some queries Creditmemo for Sales , Purchase.
In navision Creditmemo uses to correct posted invoice if any thing was wrong, that means customer, qty , item No…
I would like to know some more on credit memo.
In what conditions Comapny will Issue a creditmemo to Customer.
In the same way at what condidtions Customer will Issue Creditmemo to Vendor.
I am very curious to know about these details.

Please experts u had done lot of projects . So throw u r valuable & detail suggestions.

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Credit memo is normally used for

  1. Goods return (if you are not having the return order management graual) from customer as well when return to supplier

  2. Goods exchange

  3. Any credit in terms of price/cost

and many mpre…

specially it helps to do the adjustment incase item wise profitability is important.

As Mr.Raju has explained, credit note are issued for various reasons. How it works in navision??

Credit note- will increase your stock position and adjust the average cost…, update the customer account…- it is a reverse process of sales invoice.-credit memo is a customer oriented document.

Debit Note: - Reverse process of purchase process- Reduces the stock- vendor account is updated- average cost is adjusted.-vendor oriented document.