In NAV 4 sp3…Is there’s a reports defautl About the Credit limit of the customer? ex. i want to see all the customer that exceed to their Credit limit…or I have to customizedfor that…hoping for any reply…Thank you…[:)]

The Customer List report in the Receivables area displays the credit limits alongside the balance.

Ok…Thanks very much…I have another question…but if I want to display all the customer that Exceed to their Credit limit…My I know if that kind of report it can be generated?Thanks[:)]

Youre welcome -Bauer :slight_smile: - I havent seen the second one in a standard report. But you could get that customised. Alternatively you could show the Balance and Credit Limit on the Customer List form and then copy and manipulate the output in Excel…

Thanks “Nikolas Cage”[:)] for the advise and suggestion…more power to you.[:)]