Credit Limit Message Type Review In AX 2012 R3

We are using AX 2012 R3 CU9.

When we want to set credit limit check on the customers, there are many options available. In message on exceeding credit limit, we have error, warning & review. If we select error, it doesn’t allow to process the sales order further. Warning shows an error but allows further processing of the order. Same is the case with review.

Can someone help me figure out the difference between Warning & Review? What review does? And how to make required setup for it to work.

This is related to Retail.

Can you please explain in detail what it does although it is related to retail?

I looked at the cross reference of that enum value, it is only used in the retail payments (on account) to show some specific warning.

I am not sure about this functionality.

Thanks Kranthi,

We already knew about that. We checked the Enums & References but couldn’t figure out the full functionality. Unable to find any related data on the internet.