Credit limit for sales person

can we control the sales person through credit limit as in customer…I need to assign the credit limit to sales person in the system.

Dear Adnan,

why you want to give credit limit to sales person, credit limit has to assign for customer.

still give us the detail we can look into it.

actually sales department and account department want to make a limit for each sales man for new customer

Dear Adnan,

I got the point here but look the customer are been created by your account team right so they should specify the credit limit for that customer and sales man have nothing to do with this yes but if the customer are been created by sales man then there can be a problem.

here you can make some sort of changes like when ever new customer is created by default credit limit should be the specified amount and in case if a sales man want more then he has to contact concern person like finance department for the same.

this can solve your issue, but at mean while even I will check if we can have credit limit on sales person.


You should add new field in Salesperson Table. Then do the your test as customer as an example.

Good Suggestion Husain. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much Husain.