Credit Card Transactions In Navision

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How can we process credit card transactions in Navision?

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Hi Beatrice, you would need some sort of EFT intergration, such as Retail Logic.

Then it would need developing to hookup into the system.


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Anyone can suggest whether this can be processed with the standard functionalities available within Navision Financials?

I want to use the standard functions available within Navision as far as possible.

There is no possibility for the time being to purchase any additional feature.

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You will need an add on to perform credit card transactions in navision. My personal opinion that for US version, Archer Point has the best add-on for this funcionality. Lanham & Assoc. also has an add-on for credit cards.

Simcrest also has an add-on for it. but Simcrest, Archerpoint, and Lanham will not demo or give any details to an end user, you have to go through your solution center, and if your solution center charges by the hour (like mine), that means you have to pay to see a demo.

Wow the solution center charges for a demo of a possible sale. I need to start charging more!!

I am not sure if i can… but would be happy to demo it, or send you the manual so you an see how it works.

I don’t want to step on any toes…

You can see the whole Add-On Kit-N-Kaboodle here

Sadly enough this is true. Unfortunately for many NSCs add-ons are not really a source of income so they do charge for this. In reality it is not a fault of theNSC but of the Add-On developers. In the future this must change, since the developers need to work out a mechanism by which they can deliver their products at least in demo version to potential clients without cost. If they don’t then in 2-3 years we will see ALL Add-On developement move from The US, UK and Europe to Inida, China and Russia.


PS Green IS really coming, don’t think its just some rumour.

I am currious Dave, why would you say that an add-on is not a source of revenue? In the US the NSC gets a substantial portion of the price to keep for themselves.

Lets say an Add-On sells for $5,000 and the NS gets 30% thats $1,500.

They do a deo, whih required a billable consultant, and takes half a day. The they have the sales process, and the cost f that. So just to get a chance to sell it you are looking at say $1,000 at least. Then even if you have a 30% chance of a sale, then the profit is long gone. Since on sale with $1,500 revenue has already cost $3,000.

Yes add-ons are a great surce of revenue, and they are a great way for client to reuce total cost of implementation, but the Developers need to work out better ways to deliver the sales component.

Add to the the fact that if the Add-On has probelms, the NSC could get them selvves into a lot of problems in fixes and integration issues.

I am a great proponent of Add-Ons, but the current delivery mechanism just is not right. Note that this does not apply to verticals which are a totally different market and product.

Though if you have seen the new ISV agreement that just came out, you can see clearly that Microsoft know about these issues, and are takign great steps (leaps and bounds in fact) to correct these problems.

John, as a consultant are you and independent (freelance) or an NSC?

Thanks for your response. I hope you didn’t take my question negatively. I was just currious about how others do things and get a perspective on what different countries do.

I am a NSC. I have never charged a client for a demo. I understand the economics, but also try to factor in how I am serving the client and hopefully keep them as an ongoing revenue source.

I agree with your points though and hoping that Microsoft will address these issues.

No I took it as a very sensible question. Microsoft are cocentrating more on Verticals at the moment, since that is a way to get VARs and ISCVs to differentiate themselves, adn thus clarifyt he market better. But there will always be a market for Add-Ons, and there will always be a market for Horizonal ERP systems.

The new ISV program is looking like a great step in the right direction. They have been talking about it for 3 yearsw, and finally it looks like it will happen now.

I was wondering if it there is a way to record only credit card payments, if not the whole process of credit card transactions.

For instance, directors may use their credit cards for paying a business lunch.

How can we record payment by credit card?



Hi Beatrice,

Have you thought about setting up the credit card as a bank account. You could set the bank posting group to a g/l account in A/P other to maintain the liabiity.

Then pay with a manual check the vendor using this bank account. Then pay this bank account from witth a computer check against your regular checking account.

This would transfer the liability from the vendor the director paid to the newly created bank account and then you can address the bank account for the real check to the Credit card company or the directors name depending on who you really re-imburse.

You woud then also be able to reconcile the credit card account.

You may also try to just set the credit card company up as a vendor, then you could run a Purchase order all month long adding lines for each credit card reciept you get back from the director. Your PO should then be able to reconcile with your credit card statement, and you could add any interest charges at that time to the PO. If you have mutiple credit cards all from the same company, you can set up the master vendor and then sub-vendors for each director. The sub-vendor is really a normal vendor but you set the “pay-to vendor no” field to the master vendor, this way you can cut separate PO’s to all the sub-vendors but everything will post to pay the main vendor.


I have done as you suggested.

One additional thing I have done is that I have created a Payment Method for Credit Card which I have attached to the vendor.

When I post my PO, it creates a posted invoice and does the payment at same time. Is this normal for the payment?

What if I want to make payment later? Is this caused by the Payment Method which I have attached to the vendor?

In fact, I have created this payment method in order to retrieve a report listing all transactions relating to credit cards.