Creation of multiple Primary Indexes,purpose of RegisterOverride(), purpose of JumpRef ()

1.can we create multiple primary indexes?

2.what is the purpose of RegisterOverride()?

3.what is the purpose of JumpRef()?

First of all don’t mess up with multiple questions in a single thread as there are less chances for better explanation.

For your question…

  1. You can’t create multiple primary indexes, Primary index is only one for a Table.

BTW you can multiple unique indexes.

  1. you can override the control methods such as modified,Lookup by using RegisterOverride().

you can find use of it in ssrs report ui builder class here.

  1. It’s useful to implement business logic & navigate to the appropriate form (by right click & View details.)

You can switch the forms which you want to access based on the conditions.

You have three separate questions. Why didn’t you create three separate threads? It’s now much more complicated… People have to refer to the number of question when answering, you can’t mark the thread as answered from two thirds (for example) and so on.

Hi Krishna, Thanx for ur valuable info

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