Creation of Financial dimension values through code

Hi All,

I have a list of financial dimension values which needs to be inserted under a specific dimension name(in master) through code. Please suggest me a solution.

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Faisal Raja J

What version of AX do you use?

If AX2012, what dimension is it? System dimensions in AX2012 simply take values from mapped tables - for Customer dimension, for example, you would insert data to CustTable table. You can use this approach for your dimensions too. Custom dimensions are stored in DimensionFinancialTag table.

In older versions, financial dimensions are stored in Dimensions table.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the reply. I am using Ax 2012. I want to insert financial dimension values for custom dimension.

Lets say, I have created a dimension name called “XYZ” manually in General ledger → Setup → financial dimension → Financial dimensions.

Now I have a list of financial dimension values like “X1, X2,… Xn”. I needs to insert all these dimensions under that XYZ.

When I click financial dimension values button in the financial dimension form, it should display all the inserted financial dimension values.

I don’t know how to get the EntityInstance and other values. Everything I should achieve it through code. Any idea ??

Faisal Raja J

  1. Find DimensionAttribute record for you dimension.
  2. Call financialTagCategory() on the attribute to get category.
  3. Create new DimensionFinancialTag record with the category and your Value and Description.

Thanks dude… Its working [:)]

Hi All,

I have similar situation where I need to create custom dimensions. In addition to this, I need to add specific set of companies to each dimension values. Please could you suggest how to do this through code in AX2012.

Below is the screen where companies are added.

If we just insert a record in DimensionFinancialTag table, does it sufficient to create a dimension value. I mean is it same when we create from dimension value form. Its just my concern.

Thanks in advance.

  • Ambanna Yatnal

go to that form, have a look on AddLegalEntity control >> see method dialogClosed

Have a look on the code about 2 table:



Can u send me the code i am also facing the same issue.

Dear Faisal,

can u send me the i am facing the same issue.