creation of date intervel


i am new to Ax, i am finding difficult in creation of Date intervel with start date start year +/-, can anybody explaim me with example, i want to create quarter reports, my Fiscal year starts from 01/04/12 to 31/03/13, i want to create report for all the 4 quarters, as in training material i need not to create all the 4 quarters, starts and end date to create the reports, then how to create using start/end, creation date

Thanks in advance



Hello Savitha,

Try this code, so you can get the date interval for the each quater…

static void DateInterval_NK(Args _args)
TransDate startDate = mkDate(01,04,2012);
TransDate endDate = mkDate(31,03,2013);
TransDate quaterStartDate;
TransDate quaterEndDate;
int i;

for( i = 1; i <= 4; i++)

quaterStartDate = startDate;
quaterEndDate = Global::dateEndQtr(quaterStartDate);

print strFmt("%1 - QuaterDates", i);
print strFmt("%1 - %2",quaterStartDate,quaterEndDate);

startDate = quaterEndDate + 1;