Creating To Do for the first time for a sales person

I cannot create a to-do for a sales person for whom no to-do, for the first time.

The message it gives is “Contact No. Does not exist” Please Help

the salesperson must also exist as a contact in navision. So you have to create a contact card for that person.

Create a new salesperson in Cronus USA (Navision 4.03)
In the salesperson card. Just a code and name is good.

Next click the [Salesperson] button at the bottom, next [To-dos]
Now on the To-do list screen click button [Create to-do].

Follow the wizard:
Type = Meeting
Description = Test
Time = 9am
Click [Next]
Click [Finish]

You are now finished. Work with it and play with it.
Contact cards are not really required.