creating sql views in the same db

Hi all, i got nav 3.70 with sql server option and i need to get some flowfields in a comfortable way, so my thought is to create some views in sql db and to put the missing flowfields as select SUM(). Is there any known bad issue in creating the views in the same database as navision or i need to create another db? Thank you in advance.

It will be slow, but no reason why it wont work. I am guessing that you can’t use Navision Flow Fields since you need to access them from SQL, is that correct. If it is not may fields, then you may be better off getting a function in navision to process flow fields, and then store them as static fields for SQL. Just so long as there are not too many. If there are a lot, then you rally want a seperate server to handle this. But test first, it all comes down to acceptable performance.

Thank you David, yes, i need to access the flowfields in excel from sql server, so i can’t find them. At the moment i did some views in another db and so the users can retrieve the views as they can do with tables and it’s not so slow as i expected (and 10000 times faster than 370 odbc!). Maybe creating the views in the same database as navision can improve a little more the performance, but i can’t figure out if it’s correct to ‘alter’ navision sql database structure adding my views or my stored procs. What do you think about?

There is no problem ADDING new tables, just don’t do too much experimenting with Navision’s tables. [;)]