Creating single Purchase Order From Multiple Purchase Requisitions

Can Anybody tell me how can I Bypass Checks i.e When I am Taking 2/3 Different Requestors/Receiving Unit,System is creating 2 different Purchase orders. Can Anybody help me with any missing Set ups Or Technical Modification Required?

I am Creating Manual Purchase Orders From Purchase Requisitions.

Thanks In advance.

In the Purchasing policies for Purchase order creation and demand consolidation rule, make sure to untick setup split rules and in the Demand consolidation add your condition to Allow demand consolidation.

Thank You Kiran…

I tested the same but Still No success.Can You tell me which set ups which could be missing?

Hi Deepak,

First you need to set purchasing policies from

Procurement and sourcing/Setup/Policies/Purchasing policies

After completing the purchase requisitions process, check from

Procurement and sourcing/Common/Purchase requisitions/Consolidated opportunities

it will work…below link may help you…



If Requested Date/Required Date are different On Consolidate Purchase Requisitions Form,Will that also create 2 separate purchase orders.?