Creating Pug-ins or Add-ins for Dynamics Nav

Hi All,

This is my first question on Dynamics User group.

We have application that creates an Order worksheet with required attributes like Product code, Product name etc. and quantities.

Now I want to create an plug in so that I can send this order data to Navision database for further processing. I don’t have Navision set up on my system, but my client have it.

Can anybody suggest me what steps should I follow to complete my task?

Thanks in advance.



Hi Brushan,

Welcome to the user group.

If you do not currently have any experience with NAV, then I would recommend that as your first step get in contact with an experienced NAV developer.

You might be able to get enough information to get a picture of what’s required and possible. But to get a good integration of sales orders to work, then you need a more experienced developer. Otherwise you will end spending too much time on this on your own.