Creating Pending Vendor Invoice from Purchase Order via Batch Job/X++ Code


Can any one provide me the information how can i create a Job which will create Invoice for the Received Purchase Order And put it in the Pending Invoice queue which can then be reviewed by some one modified and gets posted?

Also Is there a way where Pending Invoices can get posted by a Job automatically by using customized Status Field of Approved.

My requirement is I will be getting Invoice from Vendors via EDI and I will have to create Invoice from Purchase Order Update it based on EDI Invoice and then do three way match and every thing is good post it, If any issue keep it in Pending Invoice and some one will go and fix the Invoice which then needs to be posted again automatically.

Hi Saket,

Have you find the solution how to create pending vendor invoice from purchase order/Product receipt through x++ code or via Batch job?

If yes then please share it with me.

Or else you can suggest/guide me through the way to achieve the goal.

Thanks in advance.

Vijay Solanki.

Hi Vijay, and Saket,

Any solution so far?