Creating one sales order for multiple customers

Has anyone run across this? I have a client that creates an offer for their customers with multiple items on the offer. Sometimes they receive late orders and need to input these orders into the same order number and the same items, but for different customers. Is this possible? I am using NAV 5.0 S1 on SQL 2005.[:S]

No you can only have one customer on the order. Well there’s the sell-to, the ship-to and the bill-to, but something tells me you need multiple sell-to customers, which is not possible in NAV.

You can use Copy Document to copy an order for one Customer to another Customer, but that would be two separate orders.

[:^)] One order for several customers? Don’t you want to create one sale pr. customer, but containing the same lines? If not, do not read on…

There is no standard solution for this in NAV. But I have made this one for some customers:

Creation of several Sales Invoices/Orders based on a single Sales Quote

Create a Sales Quote; assign it to some customer.

Create a report:
-select the Sales Quote
-prompt the user whether to keep exact data (price, discount, …) mentioned in the Quote.
-read selected customers; pr customer:
->create Sales Invoice/Order
->copy lines from Sales Quote to Sales Invoice/Order
(next customer…)

Thanks! The only thing that will be the same for each customer is the order number. The scenario…

  1. An offer is sent out to multiple customers that receive items from a specific location (e.g., customer #F300, F225 receive offer from location F; customer # C325, C400 receive offer from location C) Customers from location F receive the same offer of items, which are different from those offered from location C.

  2. Customers #F300 and #F225 send in their orders indicating which of the items offered from location F they want. They may or may not order the same items/quantities.

  3. The order is placed for each customer based on the offer number that was sent out.

That’s what I’m trying to capture.


To be fair to the Guys - this is a different scenario that the initial posts suggests.

Have you considered using the Exteranl Document No. as the Offer Reference if it is a simple requirement or you could look at campaigns in the CRM for more advance analysis.