Creating new product dimension group

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I need to create new product dimension groups like configuration, size, color in Ax 2012. I will create 5 more product dimensions. But the tables and relations are very complicated. Which tables i have to create and which methods include these tables? I want to know the tables and methods about product dimension groups.



They are everywhere - why do you want another 5? What is the business reason behind this? Do you really need the stock held and subdivided in this manner or can you use attributes etc?

If you need to do this I suggest a post in the developer forum, and not the technical one.

Hi Adam,

These are service products. We don’t need warehouse management and its components. Our products are official announcement, classified advertisements, newspaper advertisements and etc. The products prices are depend on these dimensions. Each newspaper deserve sales price according to these dimensions. So we need 5 more dimensions. Otherwise how can we define sales prices according to 5 different attribute?

You subdivide your service items to reflect the item and price by item. Give us one example of a product with 8 dimensions. If you go down the dimension addition route this would be 100’s of days of customisation/specification/end to end testing/report writing/any other impact consideration.

For instance our product is an official announcement in a newspaper and its dimensions are publish days, publish sizes, circulation, pages, channels, publish sites, etc. and every months these dimensions values changes. the newspaper official announcement’s prices depend on these dimensions. and our customer wants to track the history of these dimensions and the prices.

I would look at attributes, I would look at BOM’s, I would look at sub-division of elements into different service items to make a whole order, but the choice is yours, customize away…

Thanks a lot. I will consider these alternatives…

Hi, my question is almost same so I did not want to open a new tread.

I need a 5th dimension which the stock should really be managed in 5 dimensions. Is it possible to have it? I mean without dealing with many many coding and changing many many tables? like we can do it for financial dimensions?

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The simple answer is “No” it is not possible to create a 5th dimension without many many coding. Analyse why you need it first, and there are product and storage and tracking dimensions, so there are more than four.

Hope the below link can help u.

Hi Adam /Seta ,

I have a similar requirement wherein SAP has a material and has many characteristic values …

I was considering to use the products dimensions for it but since the characteristics values are many I cant use it.

Regarding using the product attributes …is there a way where I can track the inventory transactions from the attributes…(we need this)

So do i need to create a new product variant for each of the charcteristic value and a BOM of the material…

Can you please recommend any solutions on this ?


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Please provide the xpo for the same.


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I have the same requirement, can you pls. share xpo for the same, you will be much helpful.



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i need to add a product dimension like you describe in your PDF document.

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Hi Liujie,

I have the same requirement, can you please share xpo for the same.

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Did you get the xpo?



Hi LiuJie

Please provide the xpo for the same.


check with the client and explain him about the functionality of attributes, think it will help you…cheers…!!