Creating Multiple of The Same PO from Template

Hello -

I’m trying to create multiple POs (different PO#s) with the same line items for each. Is there a way of creating a template that I can upload or select each time I create a PO?

Any insight is appreciated

You can copy lines from another order (and other places).

Dear Justine,

make one journal and copy that journal even time when you make PO.

Open PO–> All Purchase order → New Purchase order → here you make this journal instead of Purchase order.

then next time when you make PO just go to Copy from journal and select the item and enter ok this will create PO for you.


You can use the Purchase order copy functionality to achieve this. You can copy lines to the order from all existing orders, quotations, confirmations, product receipts and invoices.

Here is the link to guide you through:


Kiran Kumar.B

It’s exactly the same link as in the first reply. :slight_smile:

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While I was searching through the link for configuration and typing the long message you already replied. I need to be more quick :stuck_out_tongue: